Those who stay in the B&B can cook with the products of our garden; especially in Summer and Autumn. We do not use chemical products for fertilization or anti-parasitic and fungicidal treatments: only patience, elbow grease (for pulling weeds), and organic goat manure for fertilization. Since 2011 we have been certified as organic by the ICEA. We produce a bit of everything: cabbage, savoy cabbage, broccoli, chard, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, chicory, turnips, radishes, corn, apples…

We grow potatoes in greater quantities than other crops. As often happens with mountain potatoes ours have a taste of the past; try it! In Autumn chestnuts and walnuts are given in abundance (possible excursions with a basket to collect them can be made).

We also grow several types of indigenous borlotto beans including the “Balla Rossa” and “Gialet” beans (Slow Food). Even in the Winter season, we can keep a certain amount of these stored for our guests. Pumpkins are also abundant here and instead of ending up punctured and emptied for Halloween they end up on our and your tables as food.

Our happy hens complete the menu with their tasty and colorful eggs.


Processed and Packaged Products

Our Classics

Some of our fruits and vegetables are made into tasty preserves such as jams, marmalades, and pates.

They are available for both tasting and direct sale.

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