In January 2010 we opened a farm.
In Easter of 2011, preceded by years of successful vegetable growing for personal use, we started making our products available for the B&B guests and
for the general public, with the greatest yield during the summer and autumn seasons. No artificial fertilizers, antiparasitic, anticryptogamic  or fungicide are
employed; we only use manure from organic goats, nettles and equisetum for parasites and fungi, a little verdigris, if needed, for tomatoes and, of course, passion hard work
and perseverance.
Additionally, we applied for the organic certification to ICEA organization during spring 2011.
On our farm we grow many things: plain cabbage, broccoli, savoy, cardoons, carrots,onions, zucchini, turnips, radishes and various types of local salads.
Moreover, our potatoes are sown in virgin soil. As it is often the case with mountain potatoes, theirs is a taste which takes people back to old times. Try them and experience for yourself. Also, chestnuts and
walnuts are plentiful in autumn. Going on an excursion to gather them or wild berries is part of the fun.
We also grow IGP  certified  Lamon beans and "Gialet" beans protected by Slow Food Organization, some of which we dry and keep for the winter guests.
Pumpkins are another generous harvest product, but we don't use them for Halloween. Instead they are a welcome piece on our tables.
Starting from summer 2011 we have hosted on our farm many people from the WWOOF (World Wide Organization of Organic Farming), organization who share with us the joy
and efforts of mountain farming.

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Fagiolo Gialét
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Agriturismi: I boschi del castagno, Limana
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